Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral ...Fake Contest...Crooked Sales Staff

We tried the BBB and have been waiting a couple of months...finally got a letter from them stating that the dealership continues to be un-responsive so they closed the case. When I called and spoke to the rep in person, she informed me this is typical for Fuccillo Kia. They typically choose not to work with the BBB on many of their numerous complaints.


We tried Kia Motors. They DO NOT CARE what the dealers do. They say they are franchises and therefore are allowed to do as they wish

May 9, 2013

I hope you take the time to read this entire letter or at least forward it to someone who will.

We do not want to take legal action against the dealership. Even though numerous people have said we need to. Our issues are about being lied to by the salesmen, being lied to by the finance dept., being mis-treated by the general manager and given a big run around from the office manager.

Our plight began last August, Fuccillo Kia in Cape Coral, FL was having another one of their “HUGE” contest. This one was a catered dinner with Mr. Fuccillo himself for everyone that purchased a car in the month of August. Plus they were having drawings to pay off some cars and $1,000 cash for others.

We went to Fuccillo on August 25th, 2012 just to check it out. Our first warning sign should have been walking all through the inventory and finally going near the front door where a group of 6 or 7 salesman are sitting around, talking and we guess they were on break. My wife had to actually interrupt someone to get their attention to ask for help looking at some vehicles. Two of the guys pushed Robert Enrico in front of them and told us it was his turn. My wife specifically wanted a Kia Soul in “Alien Green”. He said they did not have any new Souls at all. The 2 we saw were reserved for a giveaway the next week. But they did have one used 2012 in stock. He assured us the warranty was no different than if we purchased new. So we took it for a test drive. There was a small dent and some paint damage on the passenger fender. He said the car had just arrived and they had not had a chance to fix that yet, but would get it taken care of if we purchased that one. We also asked about some thick gobs of silicone above each of the four doors and several other knocks and scratches all around the car. He said they would take care of all of that.

We went inside and started the negotiation process. Robert had a gentleman go look at the scratches, chips and the dent. I do apologize, I have his name but can not seem to find it in my notes. He was wearing a black polo, whereas the salesmen wear red polo’s. He is a tall thin man with black hair.

Anyway, he said he would not fix the small stuff, it was after all a used car. But the dent and paint damage on the fender was something they could do. Just not today. We were fine with that. Robert (salesman) then repeated that we would get a full tank of fuel and a full detail before taking the car.

He also asked us if we knew about the August contest, we said we knew something about a dinner with owner. He said “Yes, but they are also paying off 10 cars, and knowing Billy he will pay off 20…plus they are giving away $1,000 cash to a lot of customers that get their names drawn”

We left for lunch to talk it over. We called back, made an offer, Robert said he would call us right back. He did and we made a deal. When we arrived at the dealership he said he wanted us to take the car home. They were closing early (this was a Saturday) and would not re-open until Tuesday. They were in hurricane prep mode due to a storm that was forecast to come thru our region. (Luckily it passed us by).

When we did the credit application we requested to only go thru our credit union. We were definitely against multiple credit inquiries and did not want to look at Kia or other banks. Robert assured us this would not be an issue. He said he told the finance person and it was not a problem.

Tuesday, August 28th, Robert called to let us know we had been approved through Kia Financial. My wife asked why they had ran our credit thru them and he said finance told him they were 9 percent lower than our credit union. Which did not make any sense to us since our Honda, which we bought used, is only 6.4% thru our credit union.

So my wife accepted it, and we just figured we would move the loan over to our credit union in a couple of months. He asked if we could wait a day since someone was out sick and finance dept. was short handed. Plus they needed income verification for my wife. She printed it out that same day.

Wednesday the 29th Robert called again and asked if we could wait until Thursday night. We were ok. with that. Then Thursday afternoon he once again asked if we could wait. He said finance dept. was still short handed with someone out sick. Then on Thursday he once again called to put us off until Friday. We informed him Friday would not work, we had an event at our sons school to attend. So we decided on Saturday the 31st. The last day of the contest.

Robert called us Friday the 30th and asked if we could wait until after Tuesday. He said they had something big going on at the dealership on Saturday and he would not be able to help us. We asked about the August contest, and he told us not to worry. We would still get in since we had credit taken care of and it was their fault we had not finished the paperwork yet. Plus we still had the car in our possession. So we took his word and waited. We found out the next day it was some huge party for their customers and we would have loved to have attended. And the dinner with Mr. Fuccillo and the drawings were held the very next day.

So when we confronted Robert about this on Monday, he said he was aware, but wanted to save us for the special September contest. He said it was much bigger than August and we will be glad we waited. At this point we should have driven the 40 mile trip to Fuccillo. Handed them back their keys and walked away. But Robert just kept building up this special contest to my wife. Told us he could not give details yet, but we would know in a couple of days. On Sept. 6th, when we finally were able to get in with the finance persons schedule we went to Fuccillo. Only our 2nd visit ever to the dealership. I make a point with this because they gave the Better Business Bureau false information and dates of our visits to the dealership. We live over 40 miles away, we did not make extra trips there. When we made small talk with the finance person and said we felt bad with him being so backed up and stressed last week. He had no idea what we were talking about. So we did not say anything more.

After signing the final paperwork, during which time our car was supposedly getting cleaned and fueled up, we asked Robert about making an appointment to get the fender damage repaired.

He then said that he had been told they sold the car too cheap and would not be able to fix it. But he would talk to his boss and get it taken care of. Then we asked about the contest, He said he still didn’t have details, but is was really big.

We went outside to get the car, it was late and it was dark at this point. So we did not pay attention to the detail job yet, but as soon as I started the car I noticed it did not have much more fuel in it than it did when we arrived. Barely under half of a tank. My wife got out of the car and got Robert’s attention (they had locked the showroom doors behind us when we walked out to the car).

He saw the fuel gauge and said, “Oh yeah, they just told me we do not fill up used cars” But he promised to talk to his boss in the morning and call us right away. The next day, in the sunlight, it was obvious the car had not been cleaned. Plus the gobs of silicone were still above all the doors. And there were greasy hand prints on the silver part of the interior door.

Well, that was the very last we ever heard from Robert. He never called, he never returned our calls, he was never available when we called him.

We managed to get an email to Xavier Villarreal (General Manager). He actually called, over a month after the sale. He started the conversation by asking me how I had managed to get his email address. I told him we had received an automated form letter with a 10% off of service coupon and I had simply replied to that address. This seemed to upset him. Then he asked what was the problem, I told him everything Robert had promised. He said that I should know better than to believe a car salesman. He made me feel like an idiot. He down talked me. He said he backs up his salesmen telling customers what they need to as long as it sales a car. I honestly was shocked at some of what he was saying. I have sold cars, boats, motorcycles and RV’s. I have never met a general manager, a sales manager or a finance manager that would admit something like that to a customer. Yes, I am aware there are some who do feel that way. But they are rare and they are the crooks that give most dealerships a bad rep. He then proceeded to say, “I know how you feel, everyday you have to see that thing sitting in your driveway, you are bitter about the situation, you regret coming here”, I agreed somewhat. And then he said, ”Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it, I knew before I even called you that there was not going to be anything I am willing to do, it is your car now” I wrote all of this down immediately after getting off the phone with him. He then offered to wash the car, but nothing else. He said he wanted to look over our deal (apparently he did not look at it before calling us) and would call me back that afternoon.

That was on October. Since then I have sent a written letter, multiple emails and left voice messages. Absolutely zero contact from him or the salesman.

When we contacted our Credit Union to find out why they wanted 9 percent more than Kia. They looked it up and they were within ½ of a percentage point of Kia. They explained that the dealerships get kick backs form certain banks and most likely Kia was the most profitable for them.

We recently had the car detailed ourselves and when the gobs of silicone were removed we discovered why Fuccillo did not want to remove them. Above each door is a hole that has been drilled into the roof of the car. They are rusty. Apparently something had been attached to it at some point? So I had to put silicone back on them because they will allow water into the headliner when it rains.

Our latest issue involves our Gap coverage. I checked with our insurance company, we are not in any danger of being upside down on the loan balance if something happened to the car. So we contacted the GAP insurance carrier. They said we need to contact the finance dept. at the purchasing dealership.

We initially called on March 24th, 2013. No one was available so we left a voicemail. Called back on the 25th. Over the next week either me or my wife attempted to contact the finance dept. at Fuccillo but could not get a call back. The my wife called and asked for the General Manager, the person on the phone asked if they could tell him why, she told them, They put her on hold an all of a sudden someone from finance was able to talk to her. They then told her that it was not something they could take care of and that she needed to speak with Brittany. So we took turns calling for a couple days and finally someone said she was on vacation for 2 weeks. We expressed our concern with cancelling the GAP since it was prorated by time. We were told that would not be a problem, that we would simply date it for March 24th when we first called to cancel. So after Brittany returned we started taking turns calling her and leaving voicemails and leaving messages with a real person. No return call for 10 days. Then my wife called and once again asked for the General Manager. When the receptionist asked what it pertained to, she told her. Suddenly Brittney was available. She told my wife the cancellation papers would be sent out in the morning. And affirmed that we could back date the cancellation. A few days later we still had not received the paperwork. We called again, now we are told there is not a Brittney working there. It took a couple of calls to find out that she was no longer working there. But there had been a Brittney. The person replacing her would call us and get the papers out. Now we were back to calling and leaving daily messages for 4 days, Then we were out through to the Office Manager. She said the papers would be sent out right away. We finally received them yesterday.

We have made numerous attempts to get action from Kia Motors. But they tell us they have nothing to do with the dealers. They are franchises and completely on their own to do as they will. We have had nothing but stellar treatment from Suncoast Kia in Venice where we have taken the car multiple times (going back again next week) for warranty issues. They did tell us the salesman lied about the warranty. It is now 5/50 not 10/100 since we bought it used.

We have make a conscious effort to tell co-workers, neighbors and anyone we meet to stay away from Kia and Hyundai. I have looked for every general website and consumer site and auto review site and letter to the editors that I can find. I have been posting negative reviews and sharing our horrible experience from Kia and Fuccillo wherever I can. Sad part is much of this could have been avoided if the salesman had simply called the day after delivery. I have been told by people who know Billy Fuccillo personally, that he would definitely take care of us. But I have not been able to find a way to contact him or to get a letter directly to him.

My next step is to get this letter to someone in Korea if need be.